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About Synergy Extracts

Synergy Extracts is a family run business founded with immense belief and trust in the healing powers of mother nature. The company was set up with the aim to offer the UK a trustworthy place to buy legal, high quality, cost effective and 100% natural CBD oil infused food supplements.

They have spent years perfecting skills in cannabinoid alchemy and hemp extract refinement. Their expertise in organic chemistry and the many different cannabinoid extraction/low temperature decarboxylation processes are evident in their products. 

They also utilise terpenes from other parts of nature and infuse them into their supplements. This is because they work together in harmony with the cbd, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and naturally occurring terpenes, found within full spectrum hemp extract.

Synergy’s aim to offer the highest quality hemp derived food supplements available is evident in their extracts. Their CBD Terp crystal is a 90-95% CBD extract infused with terpenes that is suitable for dabbing and vaping. Their extracts are completely THC free, non-impairing and 100% legal to enjoy in the UK.

They extract their CBD from legal cultivars of low THC hemp. All of the hemp extracts used are grown to organic standards and contain absolutely zero pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, heavy metals or chemical residues and have been thoroughly tested for safety and purity. The resulting extracts are super healthy and full of nature’s own, health promoting agents.

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