CBD Lab Reports

CBD Lab Reports

We are all entitled to make informed decisions around what we are putting into our bodies. With CBD it is particularly important as poor quality products may contain nasty residuals or contaminants. Given its fairly complex make-up however this isn’t always easy. This is where CBD lab reports can help.

Before buying a CBD products it is important to understand what exactly it contains. Such as which cannabinoids are present and whether or not it contains any contaminants. CBD lab reports are a useful way to see exactly what illustrate this.

About Lab Testing

Accurate testing of a CBD product is essential to ensure the highest levels of quality, potency and purity. A reputable CBD brand will send samples from each batch of products they create to an independent third party laboratory for testing. This is crucial to ensure each product contains what is stated on the packaging. In addition to testing cannabinoids many labs test for microbiological contamination, heavy metals and pesticides. Some may even run a full terpene profile test.

At Hemptations we carefully select the brands we feature and require that they provide a full certificate of analysis for each product. Some brands such as Canabidol have their own dedicated testing facility and test products on site in addition to sending them to a third party lab. Here they use High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to separate, identify and quantify each component at low levels (parts per million).

Other brands typically use third party labs such as Phytovista Laboratories to carry out their testing necessary. This level of self regulation provides assurance that when you purchase from us you are purchasing a safe and effective product that works.


Potency is typically the first test that is carried out in order to ascertain the exact amount of cannabinoids such as CBD or THC within the finished product. This is vital to determine the potency and confirm the lawfulness of the product.

CBD and THC are not the only cannabinoids that they are looking for however, there are actually over 100 of these molecules found within the natural plant. Most labs test for CBD, CBDa, CBC, THC, CBG and CBN. Some may also test for THCa, THCV, CBGa and other lesser known cannabinoids.

The most important aspect of testing is to obtain an accurate reading of CBD potency. However, it is also useful to have small amounts of other cannabinoids present as we know they act synergistically together to greater effect. This occurs in a phenomenon known as the ‘entourage effect.’


Some brands such as HighKind Cannabis Co. also test for terpenes. This identifies the compounds that produce colour and distinctive flavours to the final product. Terpenes aren’t just for smell and taste however they are also considered to have many beneficial effects and contribute to the entourage effect. Testing the terpene profile ensures the product has a consistent colour and flavour which meets standards of production.


Testing for pesticides is also essential to ensure the safety and purity of the hemp used to make CBD products. Any significant concentration of pesticides remaining in the final product may cause unwanted effects.

Hemp that has been grown organically without the use of pesticides is ideal for extracting CBD. With that said, even products taken from organic hemp should be tested to ensure integrity.

Residual Solvents

Although most brands use CO2 extraction, a complete lab test should also include analyses of residual solvents. Solvents can be used for extraction of CBD when the plant material is turned into oil. High concentrations of solvents can lead to unpleasant health effects and/or result in an unsafe, volatile product. A quality lab report will test to verify that there are no detectable solvents regardless of the extraction method used.

Our CBD Lab Reports

Below is a complete list containing CBD lab reports for every product sold by Hemptations CBD. Each report is available as a guide and may not correspond with the exact batch number of your product. For the lab analysis of your particular batch number please visit the manufacturer’s website.

SKUProductCBD in Product (mg)CBD in Sample (mg)THC Present (%)Report
100032610365 CBD Arctic Gel5805800View
100032619365 CBD Oil Blood Orange100010030View
100032617365 CBD Oil Blood Orange5005260View
100032611365 CBD Thermabalm5805800View
100032615365 CBD Tincture Melon 500mg5004970View
100032612365 CBD Tincture Melon 1000mg100010040View
100032616365 CBD Tincture Mint 500mg5005090View
100032613365 CBD Tincture Mint 1000mg100010180View
100032797Calm CBD Infused Belgian Hot Chocolate Flakes1001030View
100032798Calm CBD Infused Belgian White Hot Chocolate1001030View
100032834Calm Premium Blended Ground Coffee with CBD1001020View
100032554Canabidol Rescue Cream 250mg2502840View
100032555Canabidol Rescue Cream 500mg5005400View
100032547CBD Brothers Blue Edition Capsules 50mg2.50%2.63%0.096View
100032518CBD Brothers Blue Edition Capsules 100mg5%5.32%0.166View
100032440CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil5005220.111View
100032438CBD Brothers Green Edition Oil2803380.066View
100032519CBD Brothers Green Edition Paste14%14.35%View
100032441CBD Brothers Purple Edition CBD Oil320439.10.162View
100032443CBD Brothers Purple Edition Paste16%18.312%0.151View
100032568CBD Health Heart Support2002000View
100032569CBD Health Immune Support2002000View
100032453CBD Life Water Soluble CBD4004680.01View
100032583CBDfx Aloe Face Mask50540View
100032582CBDfx Charcoal Face Mask500View
100032584CBDfx Cucumber Face Mask5054.50View
100032586CBDfx Lavender Face Mask5054.80View
100032585CBDfx Rose Face Mask5049.90View
100032663CBDfx Shea Butter Citrus Balm Mini50420View
100032629Endoca CBD Chewing Gum150WEIGHT NOT SPECIFIED0View
100032628Endoca CBD Lips and Skin Balm20WEIGHT NOT SPECIFIED0View
100032630Endoca CBD Whipped Body Butter3005000View
100032627Endoca RAW CBD Oil3003300View
100032631Endoca RAW CBD Oil Capsules300WEIGHT NOT SPECIFIED0View
100032538Equilibrium CBD Infused Coffee100> 900View
100032577Fresh Bombs CBD Bath Soak Skin Booster100930View
100032580Fresh Bombs Shea Skin Healer CBD Bath Bomb35360View
100032560Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Baked Custard 100mg100970View
100032563Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Baked Custard 300mg3002850View
100032516Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Exodus Cheese 100mg1001210View
100032517Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Exodus Cheese 300mg3002860View
100032561Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Gourmet Tobacco 100mg100970View
100032564Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Gourmet Tobacco 300mg3002920View
100032514Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Kiwi Skunk 100mg100960View
100032515Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Kiwi Skunk 300mg3002910View
100032512Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Mango Kush 100mg1001000View
100032513Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Mango Kush 300mg3003000View
100032510Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Mint Hemp 100mg100980View
100032511Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Mint Hemp 300mg3003210View
100032502Harmony CBD E-Liquid - New York Diesel 100mg100960View
100032503Harmony CBD E-Liquid - New York Diesel 300mg3002920View
100032500Harmony CBD E-Liquid - OG Kush 100mg100970View
100032501Harmony CBD E-Liquid - OG Kush 300mg3002850View
100032559Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Original Hemp 100mg100970View
100032562Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Original Hemp 300mg3002820View
100032637Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Pineapple Express 100mg1001130View
100032638Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Pineapple Express 300mg3003120View
100032635Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Pink Lemonade 100mg1001170View
100032636Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Pink Lemonade 300mg3003380View
100032508Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Strawberry Wild 100mg1001000View
100032509Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Strawberry Wild 300mg3002850View
100032504Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Super Lemon Haze 100mg100950View
100032505Harmony CBD E-Liquid - Super Lemon Haze 300mg3002890View
100032689Harmony Premium CBD Oil 1000mg10001017<0.005View
100032681Hempura Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 250mg250251<0.05View
100032680Hempura CBD Vape Liquid 100mg1001030View
100032570Hempura CBD Vape Liquid 250mg2502560View
100032546Hempura CBD Vape Liquid 500mg5005010View
100032544Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg500587<0.05View
100032545Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg10001004<0.05View
100032700Hempura Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules300402<0.05%View
100032758Holistic Highland Hemp CBD Honey 25mg25250View
100032759Holistic Highland Hemp CBD Honey 250mg250252.50.03View
100032757Holistic Highland Hemp Organic CBD Chocolate25210View
100032445Love CBD Entourage Capsules600WEIGHT NOT SPECIFIED0.041View
100032421Love Hemp Body Salve300314.70View
100032647Love Hemp CBD Oil 1000mg100010780View
100032632Love Hemp Pure CBD Vape Additive5005200View
100032576LVWell CBD Infused Massage Oil300378<0.00250View
100032575LVWell CBD Lip Balm5043<0.00250View
100032735Provacan 30mg Vape Oil30310View
100032732Provacan 300mg CBD Oil3003100View
100032736Provacan 300mg Vape Oil3003010View
100032733Provacan 600mg CBD Oil6006620View
100032737Provacan 600mg Vape Oil6006160View
100032734Provacan 1200mg CBD Oil120012160View
100032761Vita Coco Infused Apple Ginger20210View
100032684Vita Coco Infused Cloved Orange20200View
100032685Vita Coco Infused Lemon Cardamom20200View
100032729Vitality CBD E-Liquid - Berry12001312.80WO011444
100032726Vitality CBD E-Liquid - Berry600648.30WO012043
100032728Vitality CBD E-Liquid - Lemon1200115306996A-FSCBD271200
100032725Vitality CBD E-Liquid - Lemon60059606996A-FSCBD275600
100032727Vitality CBD E-Liquid - Natural12001145.706996A-FSCBD211200
100032724Vitality CBD E-Liquid - Natural600626.406996A-FSCBD215600
100032714Vitality CBD Gummy Bears Orange & Raspberry5
0WO011430 Orange

WO011430 Raspberry
100032720Vitality CBD Oral Drops - Berry120012340WO012013
100032719Vitality CBD Oral Drops - Lemon12001238.40WO014432
100032718Vitality CBD Oral Drops - Natural120012540WO010180
100032723Vitality CBD Oral Drops Spray - Berry240024290WO011185
100032722Vitality CBD Oral Drops Spray - Lemon240024150WO011187
100032721Vitality CBD Oral Drops Spray - Natural240024550WO011183
100032717Vitality CBD Oral Spray - Berry12001195.80WO011065
100032716Vitality CBD Oral Spray - Lemon120011880WO011077
100032715Vitality CBD Oral Spray - Natural12001192.20WO011071
100032709Vitality Infused CBD Anti-Aging Cream3003700VA001202
100032708Vitality Infused CBD Anti-Blemish Cream200188.50VA001201
100032712Vitality Infused CBD Bath Bomb1001030V-LCBB-1001
100032711Vitality Infused CBD Bath Salts10099.380V-RBS-1004
100032710Vitality Infused CBD Body Cream2001980VB0123-1/2
100032713Vitality Infused CBD Dry Skin Cream3002400VD00122