World class CBD Vape Liquid containing only CBD Isolate and natural terpenes

About Harmony Hemp

Harmony is a pioneer in hemp, crafting innovative CBD products to bring the full potential of cannabinoids all over the world. They have grown into Europe’s leading CBD vape liquid producer through their dedication to expanding access to qualitative cannabinoids via innovative hemp products.

Their world class e-liquid range contains food grade PG:VG (80/20) base, a certified CBD concentration and is flavoured with natural terpenes in the profile of your favourite strains of cannabis such as Super Lemon Haze and OG Kush. In addition to their range of cannabis originals Harmony also offer more standardised flavours such as Strawberry and Mint, in other words there is an e-liquid for every palette.

Harmony understand the history of hemp and its wide range of application and is working to unlock the full potential of the plant by helping to provide affordable access to cannabinoid products for people to improve their well-being. With this goal in mind Harmony will use science, business and nature as tools to improve accessibility to high quality cannabinoids and from the look and taste of their e-liquids, they’re doing a stellar job!

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