CBD Brothers

About CBD Brothers

The Original Alternative are a small, dedicated company who began their venture through the love of helping people. Their success can be attributed to their passion, love and belief in the benefits of cannabis. Their ethically grown full spectrum CBD extracts are available at the lowest possible price to provide customers with value for money in line with their motto “health over wealth.”


One of the true OG’s in the UK CBD game, they are the oldest provider of cannabis extracts in England. The company started life in a garage blending and mixing cannabis extracts to make lotions and potions for neighbours with life changing conditions. From there it grew and moved to an off grid facility in Suffolk that was custom built to mix, blend and test the many products they now have on offer.

Despite this scale in operation, their priorities remain the same today as they were on the day of their inception. Their ethics, morals and passion for providing the highest quality extracts to benefit as many people as possible have and always will motivate their progression.

TOA Products

Now one of the most trusted CBD manufacturers in Europe, their exceptional product range includes the Purple Edition Paste which is derived from an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis, their trusted Blue Edition Capsules from a sativa strain of hemp and their cost effective, CBDa rich Green Edition Paste. All of these products are made from whole plant extract which ensures you are getting a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as well as essential fatty acids- Omega 3,6 and 9 in each product vastly improving the effectiveness of CBD.

Quality Standards

The Cannabis used is grown organically without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers on small farms across Europe. The plants are picked and dried naturally then the oil is extracted using low heat and low pressure CO2 in order to preserve vital cannabinoids and terpenes before each batch is sent to two independent laboratories for testing. This ensures the quality and continuity of the product.

They are also the first supplement company in the UK to be given a license to grow full spectrum cannabis, on the beautiful Isle of Guernsey. This allows them to introduce THC rich preparations out of their shop in Guernsey “pushing the boundaries and changing the cannabis landscape for the better across the world.Moreover it allows us to benefit from their unique cannabis formulations so what are you waiting for?